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The main toolbar is where you access most of the functions in the game

Main toolbar
Interface Bulding.PNG Clicking this button will activate the building menu. From The building menu you can build, move and sell all the buildings in your city and place expansions too.
Interface global.PNG From the global menu you can access the ranking menu, The Guild menu, Guild Forum and Global forum
Interface research.PNG This is where you access the research menu
Interface continentmap.PNG This is where you can access the Campaign_Map.
Interface army management.PNG Clicking this button will open the army management menu
Interface inventory.PNG Clicking this button will open the inventory menu.
Interface Market.PNG This is where you access the market, where you can trade with your guild mates, neighbors and friends.
Interface messagecenter.PNG This is where you access the message center
Interface GE.PNG The last icon on the top left menu display the current happiness status of your city. If you roll the mouse over it, you will get a more detailed information about the happiness and how it affects the productivity in your city.
Interface GvG.PNG Clicking this button will take you to the overview map of the Guild_vs_Guild continents.